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Linder Letter

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Linder Letter

I am writing to let you know that I had the opportunity today to testify before the House Budget Committee about the need for fundamental tax reform and my bill, H.R. 25.

You can read about this hearing on the Budget Committee's "Top Story" web page at Tomorrow, you can review a webcast replay of the hearing or read the hearing transcript.

This hearing proves again that our majority believes in big ideas and that we are eager to engage the American people in a national debate on how to produce a fairer, simpler tax system that advances our core goals of lower taxes and more freedom for our citizens. It was a lively discussion, and the Budget Committee heard testimony from witnesses such as former Majority Leader Richard Armey (R-TX), former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Bill Archer (R-TX), and a variety of House Members about their views on fundamental tax reform.

The time is right for fundamental tax reform and a completely new Federal tax regime. We will let others defend the current system and all of its problems. We need a tax plan that is easy for all Americans to understand, allows U.S. companies to be more competitive overseas, strengthens Social Security, and unleashes America's economic engine.


John Linder

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