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Issue Position: Tax Reform

Issue Position

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In Michigan, we have seen what happens to an economy when taxes are cut and a state becomes more competitive. When the job-killing Michigan Business Tax was repealed in 2011, the economy expanded and companies began hiring new workers.

The United States needs similar bold action to help get the nation working again. Tax reform is an issue that Congress must take up immediately. Our tax code is too complicated and influenced by too many special interests. Plain and simple, we need a new tax code that is both fair and easy for ordinary citizens to understand. A flatter, broader tax code that does not favor those with the largest lobbying budgets should be a top priority in the next Congress.

Furthermore, we must lower business taxes in the United States. Our nation currently has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. When added to taxes levied by the states the cost to do business in America grows even higher. I support lowering the Federal business tax in order to encourage investment in the United States and in Michigan. Just as eliminating the Michigan Business Tax led to hiring in Michigan, so will cutting business taxes at the Federal level.

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