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Issue Position: Ethanol Mandate

Issue Position

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In 2006, I promised to oppose all ethanol mandates; I kept that promise. Ethanol is an inferior product that is produced through an incredibly energy intensive process. Environmental groups will even admit that ethanol worsens air quality. It is currently more expensive than gasoline, which will be exacerbated by greater demand. Adding an even more expensive additive to already expensive gasoline will only increase the price at the pump. The benefit that may be seen by corn farmers will be short lived as other sources of ethanol become available.

Even if ethanol is a better source of fuel, we cannot allow the government to mandate a market for this product. Let the ethanol producers put their product up against gasoline and compete in the free market. Also, when a better source of energy is discovered or created that was more efficient and cheaper, that source would not be allowed to enter the market because of the mandate imposed by the government. The new energy source would still have to contain ethanol. Both market prices and competition would be lost if the government is allowed to interfere with the quest for better sources of energy.

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