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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Educational excellence is the key to a better economy and a better Michigan-at-large. The job market has evolved, and it has become increasingly imperative that our children are educationally prepared for a rapidly changing world. Other states have looked at education reform in a comprehensive way, and it is time that Michigan does the same.

Address the Limitations of Proposal A:

In 1994, under Proposal A, voters shifted the burden of school funding to the state. Our state government, however, has failed to deliver adequate funding, and state legislators have refused to act with urgency in spite of our school funding crisis. Educational excellence is impossible with a broken and unpredictable funding system. We can no longer sit back idly and wait for change. We must create the change that we want to see. Our present and future is dependent on our ability to take the school funding crisis seriously. I will continue to make sure that school funding is more than a priority -- it will be an urgency.

Commit to a 21st Century School Curriculum:

A 21st century school curriculum is more than just about preparing our children for jobs. It's also about preparing our children for life, a rapidly changing world, complex problem solving, and unforeseeable possibilities. I will continue to work to ensure that our children are prepared for a technologically-advanced world -- but, I will dually remain committed to a holistic 21st century curriculum that develops the genius and unique potential within every child.

Partner With and Support District Educators:

No one better understands the educational challenges that we face than our local educators. Far too often, elected officials deliver presumptuous educational reform, without first consulting -- and partnering with -- teachers and school administrators. Our district educators know first-hand many of the barriers to educational excellence. I will continue to support their efforts, consult their expertise, respect their input, and partner with them for a better -- more adequate -- educational system.

As State Representative:

I have fought against the attack against public school educators and will continue to be a leading voice to provide quality public education.

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