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Issue Position: Taxing and Spending

Issue Position

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I have studied our state budget and have come to the conclusion that we have a spending problem in Olympia. This obviously goes hand in hand with the high tax rates in our state. I believe that Washington citizens are taxed enough! I cannot recall in my lifetime when the taxes went down in our state. This is what I want to work toward. Correspondingly, our state budget is something previous and current leadership has grown to an out of control size.

From 2005 to 2009 our total budget was raised from $53 billion to $61 billion = $8 billion more.
Then from 2009 -2011 it was again raised from $61 billion to $64 billion = $3 bilion [sic] dollars more.
Then 2011-2013 it was again raised another $3 billion from $64 billion to $67 Billion .
(source, WA State budget records)

So, over the past 7 years the total budget number has been raised 14 billion dollars. This is not sustainable in todays [sic] economic times. Just like you and I, Washington state government must live within it's [sic] means. I will oppose any legislation that will increase or create more taxes on the people of this state. I will diligently work toward getting the budget balanced and to control runaway spending.

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