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Obama Spending Crisis


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This past week the economy has seen another rocky bump caused by an Obama spending crisis. With America's biggest banks being downgraded in their credit ratings, we are all seeing ourselves riding a train that could be on a track heading for the same cliff where the countries of southern Europe are teetering.

Government-bloating policies like ObamaCare have accelerated the train's pace and stoked the fire. I find it troubling that the president is asking the American people to "be patient," to elect him to a second term and see the economy improve. However, unless his plans for a second term include repealing his imprudent policies of his first term, this speeding train will not change direction.

The only way to stop a train on an imprudent track is to bring it to a halt, to back it up and to change its course onto a different track.

My first order of business when I get to Congress would be to support GOP efforts to repeal ObamaCare. That's putting the brakes on our speeding train. Then I'd lend my voice and vote to putting wise spending cuts in place--to cutting back and putting us on an economically prudent track. It's the first thing we must do. It's what the American people really want: not a free ride to destruction--a chance to work out their own destiny without interference or handouts.

It's not time to "be patient" as we ride a train over a cliff. It's time to slam on the brakes and reverse course. It's time to make the tough decisions that will secure for our children and grandchildren the prosperity we and our fathers have enjoyed in this great country.

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