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Repeal and Replace Obamacare


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Thursday, the United States Supreme Court upheld Obamacare calling it what Obama would not--a tax. This bill, in effect, institutes the largest tax increase in our nation's history and vastly expands government control over individual Americans' lives.

There are so many ramifications of this decision it will take lawyers years to sort it out. Businesses--especially small businesses--are already scrambling to understand and conform with this new law, wasting billions of dollars. This needless burden placed on the economy must be repealed by Congress and the President.

Mitt Romney clearly defined the path that lies before us: "The only hope we have of getting rid of Obamacare is to replace Obama."

Let me add that this repeal will start in Congress.

Not only is this Presidential election important, but this is the most important Congressional election in a generation. We simply must choose our leaders wisely. Never has a tipping point been more glaringly obvious. Americans demand a repeal of Obamacare, as they have demonstrated in the hundreds of polls published since the law passed in 2010.

We need to replace Obamacare with a fiscally responsible alternative that focuses on lowering costs, making heath care more affordable.

I ask you to please stand with me. Let's strengthen our resolve to fight for liberty. Let's elect a Congressional majority and a President responsive to the wishes and needs of the American people, one who will act quickly to repeal this intrusive and wallet-breaking law. It's up to the people to choose leaders who have the strength of courage to stand up for your freedoms..

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