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Mullin Speaks Out About Obamacare Ruling


Location: Claremore, OK

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued a verdict on ObamaCare, stating it is legal. That's a terrible turn of events in the eyes of conservative businessman Markwayne Mullin.

The ruling effectively paves the way for nationalized health care and a new era of America -- one not at all friendly with personal liberty or business.

"This is an extremely sad day for our country," Mullin said. "This makes us like socialized countries in Europe. Now every almost every American faces a tax increase disguised as a mandate to buy a particular product. This has to be one of the worst precedents in the history of the country.

"While liberals are spinning this ruling as an avenue to provide free health care for all, it really places a higher tax burden on middle class families all over the country, including here in eastern Oklahoma. Average families will pay dearly for so-called "free' health care."

Mullin, a businessman who owns the largest plumbing services company in Oklahoma, is one of the only candidates for Congress in the country who employs 50 or more people and as such will have to comply with the burdensome and costly ObamaCare mandates on businesses.

"Make no mistake, businesses large and small will react to this ruling in a way that is negative to hard- working Americans. The costs are overwhelming. With my business, the choice I have is to employ fewer than 50 people, or pay at least $250,000 a year in what amounts to a new tax for health care compliance. I assure you I'm not the only businessman debating on what direction my company will go."

With the ruling, Mullin said there's only one course of action for Americans now.

"ObamaCare needs to be repealed, plain and simple," Mullin said. "The only way to get rid of this terrible plan is for the House and Senate to overturn it and for the next president to toss it out. We must send leaders to Congress who will undo this damage and oppose Barack Obama's socialist agenda. When I go to Washington to represent the good people of eastern Oklahoma, I will work day and night to repeal ObamaCare. This measure is bad for the people, bad for the economy and bad for business."

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