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Jim Bridenstine's Official Statement Regarding TASM's Call for John Sullivan's Public Withdraw of False Allegations


Location: Unknown

As everyone knows, there will be a Republican primary election Tuesday. All elections raise questions about the candidates involved. Some come about naturally, and some are manufactured by the opposition. Although I am a political outsider, I am not one to stand by while false accusations are levied.

However, the question before the voters on Tuesday, June 26th, is who has the character and fitness to serve as District One's representative in Congress.

While I recognize that the election process can get very ugly, John Sullivan continues to cross the line with his distortions and falsehoods. John misrepresents the truth with a war chest built up over 17 years as a career politician.

John Sullivan is bringing a Chicago style of politics to the first district,and I'm calling him out for it. Oklahoma deserves better.

His most recent mailer is filled with untruths that contradict the official statement we released, from the current chair of TASM, Barbara Smallwood. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum continues to make official statements that set the record straight. This is embarrassing for our incumbent politician.

John Sullivan has been sending out a negative campaign piece nearly every day, each one filed with distortions and untruths designed to tear at my character. Why? Because he is desperately clinging to his job.

Sullivan's history of erratic and aggressive behavior is very widely known. As previously stated, all of this goes to the main question at hand. Which candidate has the character and fitness to serve, to be the Congressman from Oklahoma's First District? I believe that John Sullivan's desperate attacks which are built on a foundation of lies, coupled with his history of arrests, absenteeism, substance abuse, and aggressive behavior, requires the voters to relieve him of duty.

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