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Congressional Candidate LCDR Jim Bridenstine Issues Statement on Supreme Court Ruling


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The growth and intrusiveness of the federal government was further advanced by
this morning's Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaCare. This ruling
threatens our freedom and represents a massive new tax upon the American people.

ObamaCare will further inhibit economic recovery and jeopardize preservation of the conservative values upon which our nation was founded. ObamaCare must be repealed in its entirety. Here are some of the main problems with ObamaCare:

1. The federal government will have the authority to insert itself into the doctor patient relationship.

2. The Government will have the power to allocate healthcare resources based upon patient age and other considerations.

3. Under ObamaCare the federal government will fund abortions by directly
appropriating funds to state high risk pools, devaluing human life.

4. An army of 16,500 IRS agents will be hired to administer and enforce ObamaCare.

5. Depending on political favoritism, some companies will be given waivers from
ObamaCare requirements and others will not. Equal application of the law will
not occur within ObamaCare.

6. The Congressional Budget Office's ObamaCare cost estimate projections stop at
ten years, but ObamaCare costs increase dramatically after that time.

7. Businesses are more hesitant to invest capital or hire, because of continuing
uncertainty about the costs of ObamaCare in terms of both direct expense and
regulatory burden.

8. ObamaCare will increase taxes and the cost of health insurance and healthcare for everyone.

There are more competitive and cost-effective solutions available to address
healthcare insurance for people who are not already covered, or choose not be covered.

These plans do not involve the heavy-handed, intrusive federal role President Obama and Democrats in Congress have instituted through ObamaCare.

By ruling as it did today, the Supreme Court has given the decision on ObamaCare
back to Congress and the people. Repeal now depends upon the voters reshaping the executive and legislative branches of the federal government by electing a Republican president, securing a filibuster-proof Republican/conservative majority in the Senate and maintaining or growing the Republican majority in the House of Representatives which has already voted to repeal ObamaCare.

ObamaCare must be repealed, not amended. It cannot be fixed. As your
Congressman, I will make total repeal of ObamaCare a top priority.

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