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Don't Play Politics with Domestic Violence


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I'll be honest. I'm kind of shocked that there is even a debate about this. Right now, Washington is in the middle of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, but yet again, Republicans are injecting politics into something that should be, and once was, so easy. Their legislation would fail to protect certain classes of people including Native American women, and gay and transgender individuals. This bill was opposed by victims advocates and service providers here in Central New York.

We can't let this historically bi-partisan public safety law be held-up or diluted because of petty political considerations. I strongly support the Senate legislation that will provide protections for all victims, and I urge everyone to contact Ann Marie Buerkle's office to let her know that she should support the the Senate bill. As the Post-Standard said, "All victims of domestic abuse deserve protection. The Senate bill moves toward that goal. Buerkle's bill retreats from it."

Help send a message to Ann Marie Buerkle that politics should have nothing to do with protecting women from violence.


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