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Collins to Hochul: Private Sector is Not Doing Fine

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Congressional candidate and small business owner Chris Collins today started a week-long tour of businesses and farms in the 27th District, challenging Kathy Hochul's support for Barack Obama, who just days ago told the nation how the "private sector is doing just fine."

"The last few days have demonstrated just how out of touch Barack Obama and Kathy Hochul are with the residents of the 27th Congressional district. Ask any small business owner, or laid-off employee looking for work and they will tell you the private sector is not doing fine at all," said Collins, who has created or saved over 500 jobs as a small business owner.

"On Friday, the President told reporters the private sector is doing just fine. Then, just one day later, Kathy Hochul proudly endorsed him for office and unequivocally stated that she would vote for him for President. It's really an indication of how Kathy Hochul's lifelong tenure on the public payroll has distorted her view of the real challenges our economy faces," said Collins.
Last month, the unemployment rate jumped to 8.2%, marking the 40th straight month that unemployment has surpassed the 8% mark. (Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2012 Jobs Report, 6/1/12). Since President Obama signed the trillion-dollar stimulus package, the unemployment rate has averaged 9.2% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6/11/2012).

Hochul has also embraced Obama's failed health care plan, which has crushed small businesses and severely hampered economic growth. In fact, 73% of small businesses nationwide say that ObamaCare is a major obstacle to hiring new employees. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Outlook Survey, 4/16/12).

"Our economy is broken. Barack Obama and Kathy Hochul continue to cling to wrong-headed policies which are crippling growth, hurting small businesses and creating mountains of crushing debt. The private sector is not doing fine -- it's hurting. And Kathy Hochul's endorsement of this President is the single biggest indication that she is simply out of touch with the voters of the 27th district," said Collins.

"Leadership requires tough decisions. It's going to require tough decisions to fix this economy. But Kathy Hochul and Barack Obama are simply not the leaders we need to put us back on the path to prosperity. We are going to have to cut spending and remove regulations that are crippling small businesses. That's something I am willing to do in Congress, and something Ms. Hochul has proven she won't," said Collins.

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