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My Opponent's Hypocrisy on Taxes


Location: Watertown, NY

"There's no evidence cutting taxes actually creates jobs." -- Bill Owens, as told to CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, Sept. 26, 2011

Our current congressman twice supported ObamaCare, which clearly and prominently charged a job-killing 15% tax on medical device manufacturer's profits. Now more than two years later - and only after being questioned by a Post Star reporter - Rep. Bill Owens is now co-sponsoring a bill that would undo those punitive charges he voted for.

Either the Democrat has correctly reversed his position -- and doesn't believe what he said last fall about taxes -- or he's a political opportunist trying to avoid the reality of the fact that his tax will threaten job growth in the new 21st Congressional District.

"I wish I could applaud the congressman on his direct reversal of policy and conversion to a pro-growth focus, but it appears that it is crass opportunism - getting drawn into a new district heavy with medical device manufacturers - that lead him to sign onto the bill," said Matt Doheny, a Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate for Congress.

"This level of hypocrisy is why Congress has a 9 percent favorability rating," added Doheny. "The congressman voted for this 15 percent tax hike twice and now he's looking to gut another provision of ObamaCare he's personally responsible for creating."

"I just hope every American company has a contact and facility in the 21st district," concluded Doheny. "It seems to be the only way to get Congressman Owens to stop tax hikes and actually repeal an onerous tax."

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