My Opponent Says Tax He Supported Will Lead to Job Losses


By:  Matt Doheny Bill Owens
Date: June 7, 2012
Location: Watertown, NY

In a stunning admission, Congressman Bill Owens said the 2.3 percent tax on medical device manufacturers' profits that he twice supported will cause job losses.

"There's legitimacy to the claim that we may well see some job loss as a result," Owens told MassDevice about the tax he helped enact as part of ObamaCare. "There's clearly legitimacy to the claim that it may drive this type of manufacturing overseas, particularly to the Chinese."

The congressman recently claimed again to have read the entire 2,074 page Senate bill and 2,309 page reconciliation bill. He remembers seeing the job-killing tax, but told the Watertown Daily Times that it "didn't raise any alarms because nobody was complaining about it locally."

"Frankly, I'm baffled at Bill Owens' decision-making," said Matt Doheny, a Republican, Conservative and Independence party candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "An estimated 40,000 American workers will lose their jobs because of Owens' votes -- but that never occurred to him because no one was making a stink about it locally."

"Our current congressman fails to understand that what is good for the nation is oftentimes good for the district," added Doheny. "I applaud him for responding to a constituent's concern and working toward repeal, but where was this effort when we most needed it two years ago?"

Doheny concluded: "President Obama has already vowed to veto this bill if it reaches his desk, so Owens' effort today won't stop the job-killing tax he set in motion. With double-digit unemployment in this district, it's bad enough that our current congressman isn't helping to create jobs. We didn't need him to add insult to injury by supporting ObamaCare and forcing companies to lay off people."

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