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Statement from Matt Doheny Regarding Franked Mail Vote


Location: Unknown

"Our current congressman is touting his vote for a 10 percent cut in the House franked mail budget. What he's not telling you is the real story: My opponent is one of the biggest spenders of that $31 million pork pot. He wasted a whopping $271,748 in taxpayer money to send glossy political mail to his constituents in 2010, more than two-and-a-half times the average House member spent on franked mail that year.

"I've promised, when elected, to end this slush fund, which is little more than campaigning at taxpayer expense. Bill Owens just offered lip service to the idea -- and continues to spend at will, racking up more than $552,987 in costs since taking office. Saying one thing and then doing another: That's what Washington politicians do best."

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