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Congressman, How Much Taxpayer Money Did You Waste This Time?

Press Release

Location: Watertown, NY

Democrat Bill Owens has wasted more than a half-million dollars to campaign on taxpayer expense - and he's apparently not done spending.

The congressman used his congressional 'franking' privilege to send a glossy, three-panel mailer to constituents last week. This piece, which includes information already available on his taxpayer-funded House web site, is almost identical to an e-mail he blasted to constituents Tuesday. Matt's opponent also sent a very similar mail piece to these same constituents just six months ago.

"There isn't a mailbox in this district - whether physical or virtual - that my opponent doesn't want to pack with pointless mailers reminding people he's the congressman," said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "Let me assure our congressman: No one has forgotten in six months how to order a flag. On behalf of all taxpayers, I ask him to please stop wasting our money with these self-promoting pieces of nonsense."

Doheny has already pledged to help end the franking privilege, which costs about $31 million annually. Our current congressman, meanwhile, spent a whopping $271,748 in taxpayer funds to send 'franked' mail in 2010 - more than two-and-half times the average House member spent that year. In total, he's spent more than $552,987 since being seated in November 2009.

"My opponent's spending on franked mail hasn't been updated by the House since April. Taxpayers deserve to know how much more has been spent by my opponent's office on these pieces," concluded Doheny.

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