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Thanking Those Who Protect Us


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

Since the Revolutionary War that gave birth to our United States, more than one million fighting men and women have given their lives--first to win, and later to secure, the freedoms we cherish as Americans. Parades and observances throughout our Hudson Valley this Memorial Day weekend will pay tribute to our fallen heroes, and at 3 p.m. on Monday, Americans will unite in a moment of silence.

In remembering those we have lost for the cause of liberty--not only on our soil but around a world whose people have cried out to us to help them, and who have achieved peace thanks to the sacrifices of the members of our Armed Forces who answered that call--we can renew our own resolve to honor them by doing our best to perpetuate the uniquely American blessings for which they gave their lives.

We can join in thanking the men and women who are on active duty and in the reserves today, and support our military families, blue-star and gold-star alike. And we can appreciate, every day, what our Constitution and Bill of Rights established so remarkably in human history, a uniquely humane and empowering system of government that has been worth fighting for throughout America's 236 years.



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