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US Senate Candidate Wendy Long to Gillibrand: Honor Our Veterans this Memorial Day and Call a Truce in Phony War on Women


Location: New York, NY

As Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle and over 100 women from throughout Central New York gathered in Syracuse to launch "Women for Wendy", US Senate candidate Wendy Long challenged Kirsten Gillibrand to honor our veterans and called for a truce in the phony "War on Women."

US Senate candidate Wendy Long said, "The 'War on Women' is a hoax and Kirsten Gillibrand is the chief purveyor of its cynical propaganda. Here in Onondaga County alone we have Congresswoman Buerkle, County Executive Mahoney, Lysander Town Clerk Lisa Dell and Sandy Schepp, candidate for Onondaga County Clerk all strong successful Republican women. The sad truth is that Senator Gillibrand is dodging the real issues, the democrat attack on the private sector and the crushing effect it has on jobs and opportunity, especially for our veterans."

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle said, "As we prepare to observe Memorial Day the idea of a "War on Women' is offensive to the men and women who do the real fighting and dying for America. Using it as punch line in campaign rhetoric is a disrespectful especially when we see so many of our young veterans returning home to unemployment and a lack of opportunity."

Long added, "The "War on Women' doesn't lower the cost of gas, put food on the table or create jobs for our families. It doesn't do one thing to reduce our deficit, rationalize our tax code or fix our health care system. Senator Gillibrand's rhetoric is an insult to our troops and she should honor our veterans and give it a break this Memorial Day."

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