Statement on Supreme Court Health Care Ruling


By:  Kevin Lundberg
Date: July 6, 2012
Location: Unknown

Today's ruling by the Supreme Court has effectively granted Congress a blank check. At this moment in history when Congress has already saddled our children and grandchildren with unprecedented levels of debt, and continues to follow a path of unsustainable spending, this ruling makes it critical that we change direction in Washington. The U.S. Constitution was drafted in such a way as to place restraint upon federal powers, not vest Congress with unlimited powers.

I will fight for fiscal responsibility and push back against the ever-growing overreach of the federal government. Jared Polis and his friends in the Obama administration must be stopped from pushing their reckless fiscal policies and liberty squashing power grabs. Jared Polis has even doubled down by personally investing and profiting from private investments based on his political policies on health care, while everyday Colorado citizens are suffering from the failed policies of Polis and the Obama administration.

This ruling is a clarion call to send limited government, fiscally responsible representatives to Washington who will push back against an expansive federal government and its reckless tax and spend policies.

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