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Grace Votes for DREAM Fund Legislation


Location: Albany, NY

Assemblymember Grace Meng voted today in favor of a bill to establish the New York State DREAM Fund, which creates a commission that would raise money to provide scholarships to children of immigrants headed to college. Grace, a DREAM Fund co-sponsor, praised bill author Francisco Moya and said that the legislation would expand educational opportunities for the children of those who immigrated to the United States in search of a better life.

"As a child of immigrants, I am deeply aware that this country depends on those who come here seeking opportunities that are available nowhere else in the world," Grace said. "To deny opportunities to some young people -- who want nothing more than to get a good education and become productive members of society -- is unacceptable and un-American. By establishing the DREAM Fund, New York State will serve as a model and reminder as to why we call our nation the land of opportunity."

"Grace Meng has always been a champion for immigrant rights and expanding educational opportunities for all," Moya said. "Her leadership working with me to pass this historic legislation has been inspirational. Grace knows that giving all of our children the chance for higher education is the path to creating a better state and a better country."

Assemblymember Meng noted that the efforts of states like New York to provide access to affordable education for immigrant families would be significantly aided by action from the federal government, were it not in a state of perpetual gridlock.

"I'm running for Congress because while Washington has the same fights again and again, hard-working families in our Queens communities, and throughout the country, are struggling to make ends meet," Grace said. "As your next member of Congress, I will work tirelessly to bridge the gaps that divide us and promote common-sense policies that are good for all Americans -- policies like the federal DREAM Act."

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