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Issue Position: Fix the Budget Crisis

Issue Position

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Wisconsin's finances rank among the 10 worst in the nation, and our sate government operates under perennial budget deficits. This has to change before our elected representatives bankrupt our state.

We need to:

*Eliminate Wisconsin's perennial budget deficits, by freezing state spending at current levels
*Put the brakes on light rail, commuter rail or high-speed rail that requires endless state subsidies
*Stop raiding the transportation and other segregated funds to cover excesses in spending
*Support business growth through tax incentives. This will provide sustainable job growth and increase our tax base. More people and business to pay taxes will lower the burden on us all.
*Support responsible budgeting practices and a strong balance sheet in our state. That will allow us to support needed programs.

In 2009, my opponent supported the following spending increases and irresponsible budget practices

*Increased state spending 9.63 percent (to $65.77 billion in their 2009-11 biennial budget from the $59.99 billion approved in the 2007-09 biennial budget)
*Borrowed $3.58 billion to fund their increased spending and pork
*Used over $2 billion in one-time federal stimulus dollars to fund existing government programs
*Raided $240 million in "segregated funds" (i.e. money from gas tax, drivers' license fees, etc)
*Left Wisconsin with a $2.32 billion budget deficit

This trend is not sustainable. It is the result of reckless spending, and poor decision making in Madison, driving an ever-increasing tax burden. It has cost our state jobs, threatens our children's future and I want to help end it.

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