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Issue Position: Second Amendment

Issue Position

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Upholding the Constitution of the United States

I believe in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Every citizen of this country has the right to defend their families, their person, and their property.

To quote NRA President Wayne LaPierre in a recent speech in St. Louis, "If it were not for the Second Amendment, there would be no freedom in America."

Liberal Elites like President Obama call for the average citizen to drive an unsafe compact electric car, while he drives around in an SUV. They have their IRS agents harass average citizens while the powerful like the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner and Congressman Charlie Rangel get a pass when they cheat on their taxes. There are many examples of this type of hypocrisy and the same is true for liberal elites and their efforts to deny citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. The elites want to keep the right to protect their person and property with firearms but then will seek to strip average citizens of their Constitutional right.

I support efforts to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. As Congressman, I will oppose any effort to strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment Rights. I will oppose any effort made to have a national registry of guns and gun owners.

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