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The South Shore Standard - This Is Your Choice


Location: Unknown

By Francis Becker

For years people have complained to me about our current representative in Washington D.C., Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy. One person said to me recently, "Watch this, she will fly in to campaign for a week before Election Day and afterwards we won't see her again for two years." When I ran against Carolyn McCarthy two years ago in 2010, this is exactly what she did. As I often stated during the campaign at the time, Carolyn McCarthy is completely out of touch with her district--as is evidenced in part by her ultra liberal votes for Obamacare and the wasteful trillion dollar stimulus package -- and this is the reason why: To best represent the people you serve, I believe you have to be present with them in the district so you can listen, know and understand their concerns and their hopes for the future and those they hold for their families and our country. Simply put, Carolyn McCarthy is never here to do that, so she can't really know and that is why she votes the way she does. It should be obvious to everyone by now that Carolyn McCarthy has very little concern for us as illustrated by her total absence from the district which has been going on for years and years now. During my tenure in representing Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Malverne, East Rockaway and Rockville Centre in the Nassau County Legislature I have seen her perhaps six times.

I attend just about every Eagle Scout Court of Honor to which I am invited to congratulate these fine young men and their families on the amazing accomplishment of having achieved the highest award in scouting. These young men (and young ladies in the girl scouts) are our future leaders. They deserve our attention and encouragement. There was a time also that a flag was presented by their congressperson to all Eagle honorees that had flown over the capital. No more. I have not seen Carolyn McCarthy at any of these important moments in the lives of the families and young men in her district for as long as I can remember.

Even those who have supported her in the past have to admit, she doesn't care. And everyone knows she spends most of her time at her home in the Hamptons or in Washington. That's fine. But she has stopped doing her job a long time ago.

For those who complain and have had enough, this is your chance do something about who represents you. Put your dissatisfaction into action. Contribute to the cause. I am putting myself on the line in running for Congress again this year, but I can't do it alone. Be a part of the army that will change who represents us in Washington for the next two years and years to come. And if you really want to change Washington -- you -- we have to change who we send there.

As a result of the 2012 re-apportionment, the geography of the New York Fourth Congressional District has moved east here on Long Island, changing the demographics and political makeup of the district. For those who don't realize it, the new district now includes a part of Congressman Pete King's old district which is an amazing opportunity to defeat Carolyn McCarthy because this is new territory for her and territory that is unlikely to support her liberal agenda.

While the district still leans Democrat, there are significantly fewer Democrats now in the new district than the old district. Also, the geography of the district has shifted away from areas along the New City border that overwhelmingly (80 percent) vote Democrat and into areas that for the past 10 years have voted overwhelmingly for Republican Congressman Pete King and for Republican members of the state legislature.

Long Island is a quintessential suburban community whose values, in political lingo, are center right. (Carolyn McCarthy's voting record is liberal left) The Nassau population is also highly educated and well versed in the issues. The new district, largely comprised of middle class families, will be more responsive than ever before to the Republican message of growing the economy, creating jobs, and reducing spending and taxes.

As a financial planner who works on a daily basis with families from all demographics and walks of life helping them plan for their futures and for their children's futures, I hear the same worries and concerns from just about all of them. Within the past four years they have found it increasingly difficult to save enough money for retirement, for their children's education and simply to make ends meet. They are equally concerned about the security of their jobs. In the past, only on occasion, would I counsel a person who had lost their job or was in between jobs. Now, and for the past three years, I am doing this on a regular basis.

Before even getting to the planning part of our meeting they will express their worries, wondering if the economy will ever improve and will there be better days ahead. Invariably they also express their concerns about the future of our country and the national deficit and what impact it will have on their children and future generations.

Nassau County is also one of the highest taxed counties in the nation, and people are fed up with taxes. As someone who cares very much about my community, it takes a great toll on me to see people suffering like this. It makes me angry because I feel it does not have to be this way. As a person well versed in finances, I clearly see the policy failures that have created this economically devastating scenario in our country today.

And Carolyn McCarthy is a part of the problem and a key reason, along with her fellow Democrat colleagues, for the current state of our economy and nation.

Does all this make you angry? Do you want to see our country turned around and on its way back to economic prosperity? Well, this is your chance. Get involved, contribute your time and contribute financially. Don't let this opportunity pass by where we can send someone who believes in the same things and has the same values as we do and is passionate about representing you and your family in Washington. Let's send to Washington a person who is prepared to fight the out of control spending and runaway national debt that threatens the futures of our children and grandchildren for decades to come. I'm ready. I am willing. I need your help. Let's do it.

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