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David Dewhurst Announces New Policy Plan for Congressional Reform "Beyond Term Limits"

Press Release

Location: Unknown

David Dewhurst announced today the release of a new policy plan for congressional reform that goes beyond just term limits. The "Beyond Term Limits" policy seeks to eliminate business as usual in Washington, DC. The plan, which David Dewhurst introduced to voters during his speech this afternoon in Waco, includes five main policy goals David hopes to accomplish as U.S. Senator. They are:

Limit Senators To Two Six Year Terms And House Members To Six Two Year Terms

Stop The Revolving Door Between Members of Congress And Capitol Hill Lobbyists
Cut Congressional Salaries And Bring Benefits Back In Line With The Rest Of America

Eliminate Defined Benefit Congressional Pension Plans

Permanently End Pork-Barrel Projects

"We need to blow up politics as usual in Washington, DC," said David Dewhurst. "We need to prevent politicians in Congress from becoming out of touch and beholden to Washington, DC special interests. My plan will curb the influence of Washington insiders who fund the campaigns of their friends in Congress and offer them high-paid positions as lobbyists once they leave office. Congress has increasingly grown out of touch with the private sector and the rest of America, and we must re-align the values and priorities of our representatives with the people they represent."

In the plan, David also pledges to personally adhere to his goals, promising to limit himself to two-terms if elected to serve in the U.S. Senate, to never serve as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, and to never request any pork-barrel earmarks as U.S. Senator. In Waco, David also signed the Citizens Against Government Waste No Pork Pledge.

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