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Dear patriot,

The Supreme Court's stunning ruling this morning made it all the more clear we cannot afford to elect weak-kneed Republicans to Congress.

We MUST, and we WILL, repeal ObamaCare. It is a direct assault on our founding principles.

I am proud to be the only candidate in the July 31 runoff who has never cut a deal with liberals or tried to hide my positions.

You know who I am. You know where I stand.

You know I am the ONLY never-compromise conservative running in the July 31 congressional runoff.

This country was founded by patriots who fought freedom-stealing taxes.

Unlike my opponent, I LOVE to fight liberals.

Together we will go to Washington and we will repeal ObamaCare and kick the federal government out of our health care.

Join me today. Go here to chip in $10 or more to help me go to Washington and rip ObamaCare out by the roots so it can never grow back.

Warmest wishes,

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