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Arrest Holder Now


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Dear patriot,

Today the U.S House of Representatives took a decisive step to get to the bottom of Attorney General Eric Holder's cover-up of his department's "Fast and Furious" gun-running operation.

This week's contempt vote is an important first step -- but only the first step -- to secure justice for the family of slain federal agent Brian Terry and holding the lawless Obama regime accountable.

If Congress allows Holder's employees in the US Attorney's office to determine whether or not to prosecute their boss, the whole effort to get to the bottom of the fast and Furious scandal will have been a waste of time.

I won't let that happen.

Congress has jurisdiction to prosecute offenses which occur within its walls, such as Holder lying to Congress and covering up evidence.

I will exercise that jurisdiction.

* First, I will ask a D.C. District Court judge to order Holder to comply with the law through civil contempt.

* Second, I will invoke Congress' criminal jurisdiction over its own grounds to prosecute Holder if the U.S. Attorney refuses to do so.

* Third, I will move toward the appointment of a special prosecutor to circumvent political stonewalling.

It is important that the Attorney General not place himself above the law and I intend to insure that he does not do so.

But I need your help to do so.

Activists aligned with Texas liberals have recruited a candidate to run against me in the July 31 congressional runoff.

He has no record of ever having supported a Republican and refuses to answer questions about his background and positions.

Even worse, he's spent over $300,000.00 of his own wealth to mail you lies about my family.

I know you won't let Eric Holder escape justice.

So please go here and chip in $10 or more to help me win the July 31 congressional runoff.

Together we will stand for conservative principle, restore the rule of law and defeat liberals who are going to any length to cover their tracks.

Warmest wishes,

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