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800 New Jobs at Arlington GM Good News Except for Domingo Garcia

Press Release

Location: Arlington, Texas

Over the weekend, the Arlington General Motors plant received local and national media coverage on their announcement that the plant will be expanding to a third shift and adding 800 jobs at the north Texas facility.

In the campaign for the Democratic nomination in new congressional district 33, a major difference between candidates Marc Veasey and Domingo Garcia is that Veasey strongly supports workers and vehicles built at the Arlington General Motors plant, while Garcia has attacked GM and the products built in Arlington saying they are "bad for America".

Veasey's defense of the products built at Arlington GM and his support for other north Texas jobs programs has won him the support of the major employee organizations in north Texas including the local chapters of the United Auto Workers (UAW).

In response to Garcia's criticisms, Dallas-based United Auto Workers International Representative Danny Trull blasted him in May in a statement to the press, "General Motors is the economic engine for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. General Motors employees have relied and counted onGeneral Motors to make a living for years, and as of May of last year, the 9 millionth vehicle rolled out of the Arlington plant. At that time, General Motors committed $300 million to expand the Arlington plant, and another $200 million this year for a new stamping plant. For a candidate to make such an attack on our community is incomprehensible. That's why we are standing with Marc Veasey."

The announcement of 800 new jobs at GM Arlington, which is already one of North Texas' largest employers with a payroll of over 2,500, confirms the popularity and quality of the vehicles being built by North Texas workers. Moreover, the announcement refutes Garcia's attack on local workers and reinforces concerns about his divisive temperament and failure to understand local economic concerns.

"Anyone who, like me, grew up in Fort Worth, or anywhere in or around this area, knows how important major manufacturing and other union jobs are at GM. Just about everyone who grew up here either had a parent, a grandparent, a brother or a neighbor who worked here and, chances are, they belonged to the UAW or the Machinists or local transportation workers," said Veasey.

The run-off election for TX-33 will take place on July 31st. In the Democratic Primary, Veasey finished first, running more 12 percentage points ahead of Garcia. Veasey ran far ahead of Garcia in Tarrant County, where the GM plant is located.

"Domingo Garcia was wrong about GM, wrong about the vehicles built by north Texas workers, and wrong about President Obama's support for the auto industry. It is becoming more clear everyday that Domingo Garcia is wrong for North Texas," said Anthony Gutierrez, Veasey campaign spokesman.

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