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Supreme Court Decision Confirms ObamaCare Is a Massive Tax

Press Release

Location: Lexington, KY

Commenting on today's United States Supreme Court ruling, candidate for Congress Andy Barr noted that the decision confirms what small businesses and voters have been saying from the beginning:

"Today, the Supreme Court exposed ObamaCare for what it actually is: a massive tax imposed upon people who can least afford it," Barr said. "This decision means that the only way to stop ObamaCare is to defeat politicians like Ben Chandler who have voted against repeal of this disaster for working families.

"The Court's ruling did recognize that there are important limits on federal power enshrined in our Constitution. By a 5-4 vote, the Court vindicated the proposition that Congress lacks the power to compel Americans to involuntarily engage in commercial activity. By a 7-2 margin, the Court held that that the federal government cannot hold a state's Medicaid funding hostage to the whims of federal bureaucrats.

Nevertheless, today's ruling underscores the urgency for Congress to start over and fully repeal this costly government health care takeover; an experiment that has failed to reduce health care costs or improve care. Every day that ObamaCare remains in effect means rising health care costs, skyrocketing insurance premiums, accelerating job losses, an exploding federal deficit, and the terrifying threat of denied care for our seniors.

"For more than two years, an unworkable 2,700-page monstrosity has consumed, distracted, and delayed lawmakers from adopting measures that can truly address the shortcomings in our health care system. Rammed through Congress in the dead of night when most members of Congress had not even had a chance to read it, ObamaCare showcases the arrogance of Washington politicians who think they know better than the rest of us. As Ben Chandler's choice for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, infamously said, "[w]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.'

"Yet, when Ben Chandler had a chance to stand with Kentuckians, he sided instead with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama in voting against the repeal of ObamaCare."

Andy Barr supports replacing ObamaCare with the following market-based, patient-centered reforms, which will lower the cost of health insurance without growing government:

Authorize interstate competition among the 1,300 private health insurers across the nation to increase choice and drive down cost.

Replace the current tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance with a system of family and individual tax credits to make health insurance more affordable and portable.

Enact sensible medical liability reform, which would prevent defensive medicine, lower health care costs, and save as much as $54 billion over the next decade.

Expand Association Health Plans to allow small businesses and the self-insured to band together to purchase coverage on a more affordable basis.

Promote consumerism through high-deductible, tax free Health Savings Accounts that will reconnect the health care consumer to the cost of health care services.

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