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Position Paper for Mindy Greiling

Location: Unknown

Project Vote Smart 2004

Main issues: Education and Health Care

Our economic future depends on the quality of education. However, for the first time, funding for Minnesota schools was cut. The Legislative Auditor reported No Child Left Behind would soon label most schools as failing. College tuition rises by double digits. We must return Minnesota to being an education leader. The best place to start is early childhood where the achievement gap can most successfully be closed and return on investments is huge.

Other industrialized democracies provide health care for their citizens. I support a universal health care system that covers everyone at low cost and focuses on prevention, saving money in the long-term. A single-payer system would save paper work and administrative costs. We should allow small businesses to enroll employees in large state plans. We must ensure health care for children, seniors, and people with serious illnesses, who are least able to pay for their own.

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