Our Plans Go Beyond Sound Bites


By:  Drew Wrigley
Date: July 5, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Since the campaign announcement last November, Governor Dalrymple and I have been all around the state visiting with people at District Conventions and public meetings. There are exciting opportunities on the horizon in North Dakota and it's so important to hear from you. Heading into the Republican State Convention this weekend, I know we will get to talk even more.

The Governor's campaign is founded on three solid points:

Continuing to lower taxes
Creating new career opportunities across the state
Enhancing the quality of life for all North Dakotans
Our plans go far beyond sound bites. Under Governor Dalrymple, North Dakotans have seen $500 million in property and income tax relief. Governor Dalrymple is committed to making sure North Dakotans see even more tax relief. To do this, we will maintain a conservative budget, and we will limit spending on ongoing programs. We must also make sure one-time spending is focused on addressing our most critical needs in the east and the west.

As opportunities for North Dakotans increase across our state, it's important that we have a responsive state government that understands the balance between a free market and overly burdensome regulations. By maintaining that important balance, we secure positive growth and diversification, meaning that new career paths will become available right here in North Dakota. That's the prescription for an even brighter future.

As our economy grows, more young people are choosing to stay in North Dakota and more young families are returning here to their roots. A big part of their satisfaction comes from the quality of life found here. We must ensure educational excellence is supported, that our streets and highways are safe, and that our basic values are protected.

We are a conservative state seeing nation-leading growth and prosperity. As the Governor often says, we have minded our business, we have tended to our budgets and we have kept our house in order. Our goals come from our core values of faith, family and limited government.

I am a conservative, proud of Governor Dalrymple's record as a Republican leader and as a businessman. I am honored to serve with him as North Dakota's Lieutenant Governor, and I will be proud to stand with him at our state convention and beyond. I encourage you to join me and support Jack Dalrymple for Governor.

Drew H. Wrigley
Lieutenant Governor, North Dakota

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