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Issue Position: Honest and Open Government

Issue Position

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Is it "Jobs?" …or is it "Awarding Contracts to Donors & Favored Insiders?"

The Legislature says they want to create more construction jobs and that is why they are throwing away laws requiring environmental review of development projects.

But their actions demonstrate that's not true:The Legislature passed a law eliminating environmental review for government projects -- but left these same "cumbersome" laws in place for privately funded construction.
If they wanted help construction jobs, why didn't they help all construction -- including private jobs? If the laws are unfair, shouldn't they have changed them for everyone?
Last year the Legislature imposed a huge tax increase on construction, hurting small contractors, subcontractors, and people seeking to fix up their homes.
If they wanted to help construction jobs, why raise taxes on construction? Why target the tax increases in a manner that hurts the private sector and small contractors the most?
The Legislature says their agenda is about jobs. But it's not. It's about them being able to fast track government contracts to favored insiders with little to no public oversight.

That is why the Legislature also passed a law allowing agencies to block the release of public government documents, making it harder for you to know who is getting the large government construction contracts.

The current Senator for Kailua, Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo voted for all these bills. Thanks to her support, they are now law.

I KNOW honest and open government doesn't limit jobs or projects. As Chairperson of DLNR I increased public access to government contracts and at the same time approved projects and contracts that kept people employed.

Government decisions affect people's quality of life. The money government spends comes from you. You are fully entitled to know how your money is spent.

If elected, I will continue to be a strong advocate for open and clean government. I will support strengthening sunshine and procurement laws to make sure government uses tax revenues wisely, legally and effectively. I will strenuously fight any bills that reduce access to public information.

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