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Scott Reske's Statement On Affordable Care Act


Location: Pendleton, IN

"I am running to make a difference in Washington to truly solve our nation's problems. As a member of Congress, I will work with both sides to improve the Affordable Care Act while ensuring its implementation does not create counterproductive results.

"We must protect the consumer options and protections in the present law. I remain committed to developing greater access to healthcare for all Americans and protecting Medicare for our seniors. Our healthcare industry, which currently comprises a substantial amount of our economy, must continue to be market-driven.

"We must work in a bipartisan fashion to improve the legislation, such as the repeal of the medical device tax, and any additional provisions that may burden businesses.

"As a business owner, I also believe that we must develop rational policies in Congress that will not result in further efforts to stem our economic recovery.
"The divisive and confrontational approach will do nothing to address this important issue. Both sides need to come to the table with the attitude that we can work together to solve problems and deliver results for Hoosier families and businesses."

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