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Independence Day Message from Eric


Location: Unknown

Today, 200+ years ago, our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and forever altered the course of history. Tyranny and oppression have existed since the dawn of time, ever since one person sought to take advantage of another. This is the way the world worked for nearly all of recorded history.

These great men realized that they were free, that they were endowed by their creator with unalienable rights that transcend any form of government created in the minds of man, and threw off the mental shackles that held their fellow citizens… their equals, in bondage.

For a long time, in our short history, we embodied their vision. We were the land of the free because we were brave enough to venture into the unknown… the "animated contest of freedom'. But sadly we, as a nation, have been sold by our elected officials and have begun to buy into the rotten fruit of tyranny in the guise of "freebies' from our government. But nothing is ever free. Everything given comes with a price tag, whether you pay it directly in taxes, indirectly through inflation, through the servitude of yourself or worse… your children and their future.

While you are grilling burgers and dogs today, watching parades and are bewildered by the rockets' red glare, think.

Think about the gift of Freedom you were given through so much sacrifice, so much blood and so much fortune lost. Think about what it costs that generation, so many years ago, to be able to cast off the chains that sought to control them in body and mind.

Think about what you will do to relieve yourself of these chains today, because even if these chains have no weight… they are there.

Think about how you will keep these chains from the necks of your children.


Then do…

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