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Courier Post - Wendy Rosen: America Needs Solutions, Not Obstruction


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By Representative Wendy Rosen

Last Friday, in the midst of what was arguably the most controversial and partisan week of politics this year, an overwhelming majority of members of the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4348, the first major transportation bill since 2005. The legislation, which will provide $105 billion in federal funding for transportation programs, prevents interest rates from doubling on student loans and keeps the federal flood insurance program solvent, was passed by a bipartisan vote of 373-52.

The passage of this legislation was no miracle. It was the product of members from both political parties coming together to pass a nonpartisan jobs bill this country desperately needs.

Yet even in this rare moment of bipartisanship, Rep. Andy Harris chose the path of extremism rather than cooperation. He refused to work with Republican leaders, failed to support continued funding for transportation projects that would help his constituents and ultimately voted against the legislation.

Even during this era of partisanship, we should be able to believe that our elected officials can move beyond ideology and cooperate to create legislation that is responsible and provides a tangible benefit to their constituents. Harris' vote on the transportation bill shows he will never be that kind of congressman.

In the next session of Congress, we need a leader who can work with colleagues to pass legislation that focuses on reality -- not scoring political points. As a mother, a successful small business owner and former Army wife, I know how to pull together people with differing views and work with them to create common-sense solutions to the problems we face.

For many years, Maryland's 1st District has been a place where people of different political views have come together for the benefit of their communities. But that all changed in 2010. Come November, let us put the health of our district back on the agenda and elect a congressman who will fight for Maryland's 1st Congressional District -- not for any one political agenda.

Wendy Rosen is the Democratic candidate for Maryland's 1st Congressional District.

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