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Grassley Responds to the Supreme Court Decision on the 2010 Health Care Law


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Senator Chuck Grassley responds to the Supreme Court decision on the 2010 health care law.

I respect the Supreme Court but strongly disagree with this decision.

The court has upheld the law saying that the President's health care law is a tax on every American -- regardless of income -- unless that American takes an action the government demands.

The only way the law is constitutional is by doing what the President denied, that the penalty was a tax. The legislation was sold in Congress and to the country under false pretenses.

With this decision, the court said that while Congress' ability to regulate is limited, its ability to tax is unlimited.

In addition, the court saying the Medicaid enforcement mechanism was unconstitutional means that President Obama cannot deliver on his promise to poor people needing Medicaid. Here, there was no way out for the unconstitutional approach of the President.

Now, it's up to the American people. The majority of Americans don't like this law, and health care will be a major issue in the presidential election, including its impact on the economy and jobs, which should have been the first priority all along.

The goal has got to be on growing the economy and creating jobs, not making government bigger, but including health care solutions that use free-market principles, don't get between patients and their doctors, and succeed in driving down health care costs.

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