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Scalise: Obama Lease Plan Says no to American Energy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today released the following statement regarding the final 2012 -- 2017 offshore lease plan issued today by the Obama Administration.

"It's unfortunate that President Obama's only energy plan for the next five years is to keep doubling down on his already failed agenda of closing off more areas that could produce American energy," Scalise said. "Closing off 85 percent of the OCS to domestic energy exploration is like an early Christmas gift to OPEC nations. By saying no to exploration in the OCS, President Obama has also said no to thousands of American jobs and he also made our country more dependent on Middle Eastern oil. It's time for President Obama to work with us to develop a long-term plan to promote safe domestic energy production so America can finally reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and increase our energy security."

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