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Governor Corbett Highlights Importance of Human Services Block Grant

Press Release

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Governor Tom Corbett today highlighted the importance of passing
the Human Services Block grant, saying it "means more personalized services for people in need."

Corbett was joined by a bipartisan group of county commissioners from across
Pennsylvania, as well as Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and Department of Public Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander.

"Our human services programs are critical to the health and well-being of every
Pennsylvanian," Corbett said. "We all want to see our friends and neighbors
succeed and we all want those who are in need to have access to support services."

Currently, state funding is segmented into different programs like mental health, child welfare and drug and alcohol programs. Counties must keep the funds separate and provide reports for each funding source.

Governor Corbett's proposed Human Services block grant would combine seven
funding appropriations into one, allowing counties greater discretion in how the
money is spent and streamlining reporting requirements into one, unified

"My administration wants to ensure that people in need can access help easily
whether they are in need of one service from the county or multiple services," said Corbett. "We also want to lift excessive reporting burdens from our county
administrators. We want service providers to be more focused on helping people
than on dealing with red tape."

"Governor Corbett's proposed block grant program will provide counties with the
flexibility we need to provide people with the services they need," said Lebanon
County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz, president of the County Commissioners
Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP).

"The current system is not fair to taxpayers or to the people in need. Block grants will free counties from reporting to multiple masters and free people from applying to multiple programs," said Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach, CCAP first vice president.

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