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Issue Position: A Sustainable Economy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Attaining this objective has several components, including:

1. Reduce the Tax Burden
*Return a significant portion of the tax surplus to the taxpayers, as required by the State Constitution.
*Reduce tax rates for all Hawaii taxpayers; increase the standard deduction to especially help lower-income taxpayers.
*Remove the regressive General Excise Tax on food and medical care, two basic necessities.

2. Increase Renewable Energy
*Governor Lingle and the Republican Party propose to develop renewable energy solutions including wind, wave, and solar power.

3. Economic Diversification through Small Business Development
*Gene is a small business development specialist and will introduce tax incentives for small business growth in bio-tech, high-tech, agriculture, and other new niche industries.
*Gene will re-invigorate and strengthen the State Legislature's "Small Business Caucus," which he founded with Rep. David Stegmaier in 1992. Gene will introduce legislation for less taxation and regulations that hamper the formation of new small businesses, especially new minority small businesses, and fight for more access to health care plans for micro-owned businesses.

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