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Supreme Court and Health Care: Decision Day Has Come


Location: Washington, DC

On Thursday, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the President's health care law by deeming the individual mandate constitutional as a tax. The majority opinion stated that the power to tax was within Congress' constitutional authority and therefore, the Supreme Court was unable to overturn it.

I join the millions of Americans who are disappointed with this decision. The individual mandate is a massive infringement on our freedom and the entire law is bad policy.

Full repeal is the best way forward to get rid of the job-killing taxes, mandates and budget gimmicks in the health care law, and replace it with common-sense and patient-centered reforms.

Ironically, in 2009, President Obama argued again and again that the individual mandate was not a tax, in order to force the bill through Congress by extremely close margins.

One thing is very clear, if this bill would have been described as a tax three years ago, it would have gone down in flames in Congress. Despite the Democrats' attempts to conceal the true nature of the law, the President now owns a huge tax increase on the American public.

Since its passage in 2010, the President's health care law has only gotten more unpopular. Today, two-thirds of Americans want the law completely or partially repealed. And it's clear why.

The "individual mandate" tax is not even where the burden ends. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the President's health care law includes 21 tax increases that will cost taxpayers more than $675 billion over the next decade.

The law's taxes and mandates are making it harder to create jobs. Its budgeting gimmicks will bankrupt our country. The law is simply unaffordable. Its cost will be double what the Democrats claimed, billing taxpayers for about $2 trillion. The president's health care law is making our economy sick.

The law creates 159 federal boards, programs and commissions and creates 12,000 pages of new federal rules.

One of those new federal boards is called the IPAB--the Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is 15 unelected bureaucrats with the power to make cuts to Medicare providers. This board can make decisions that are insulated from Congressional review and that will end up rationing care and limiting health care choices for seniors.

The number one health care concern for families is the cost of care. Thus far, the law is failing to curb health care costs. A recent poll found that 60 percent of doctors believe the health care law will have a negative impact on patient care.

The decision on Thursday was disappointing because while the Supreme Court held the law as constitutional, it's still bad policy. The law still costs too much, expands government too much, and fails to get to the bottom of rising health care costs. That is why the House will vote on July 11 to repeal the law.

I am committed as I have always been, to repealing the full law and putting health care decisions into the hands of Americans and doctors--not Washington bureaucrats.

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