Issue Position: Ensuring A Quality Education For Every Child

Issue Position

By:  Tim Probst
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

K-12 Education

We can make high school more relevant and even more valuable to students, and also drive the dropout rate down, by providing interesting internships in fields the students are exploring, and letting students know that there are good jobs waiting for them if they pursue a specific pathway of education or job skills training.

I understand the importance of education, especially in the today's knowledge-driven economy. I stand for effective education reforms for our children and our economic future.

College Affordability

The GI Bill sent my Uncle Bob to college. He was the first one in the steel-working Probst family to have that opportunity.

My grandparents were so impressed with Uncle Bob's experience that they scrimped and save to send his little brother, my Dad, to college. I followed in their footsteps, and now three Probsts have graduated from the University of Notre Dame. My Dad and Uncle, following their roots, gained degrees in metallurgy. Dad worked for NASA and Uncle Bob in medical and dental instruments. I (the black sheep!) earned a degree with honors in Government and International Relations, and now I work to help more people gain skills and employment. Without the GI Bill, none of this would have happened. I am proud of my record of working to expand such good fortune to other families."

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