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Issue Position: Rebuild America's Middle Class

Issue Position

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The middle class should be the backbone of the American economy; however, it has been severely weakened by the last twenty years of economic and social policies. The middle class is being bankrupted by debt, high energy costs, and economic policies that incentivize moving American jobs overseas. For this reason, the middle class must be rebuilt by government investment in education, job training, and infrastructure.

Student loan interest rates must remain low and struggling graduates should have the opportunity for reduced payments or loan relief. Workers on unemployment should be encouraged to complete job training. Workers' rights to organize and bargain must be protected. Homeowners must receive mortgage relief like the banks received a bailout for their bad loans. America must rebuild its infrastructure. Tax policies must incentivize creating American jobs rather than creating jobs in foreign countries.

America's past successes were built on the back of the middle class. The American middle class can rise again to lead America into tomorrow's economy.

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