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E-Newsletter 6/20/12


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The Farm Bill is a five-year piece of legislation which determines all agriculture policy for the U.S. This summer, it is up for re-authorization. As a member of the Agriculture Committee, I'll one of the first Members of Congress to cast a vote on it.

As we work on the 2013 Farm Bill, I wanted to address an issue you've been emailing us about: "What is going to happen to funding for food stamps? Will they be cut?"

To answer your questions, we recorded a quick video yesterday. Click on this picture or go here to view the video.

As I mention in the video, food stamps comprise nearly 80% of Farm Bill funding. Here's how the money breaks down:

If you're a farmer, you probably noticed something crucial in the blue section of that chart: crop insurance.

Farmers take a large risk every year to acquire the seed, feed and supplies they will need for the season.

Crop insurance gives them the certainty to take these risks,knowing that they will be protected from conditions beyond their control.

On the House floor yesterday, I made a statement on this issue:

At the moment, the Senate is still working on their version of the Farm Bill, and then the House will craft its own. After that, the two versions will have to be merged.

As always, as you see the Farm Bill come up in the news, feel free to call my office at 202-225-2976 with questions or comments on this year's Farm Bill.

In Service,


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