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E-Newsletter 6/26/12


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What happened this week with Eric Holder?

This week, a House Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress.

What is "Contempt"?

The contempt process is the means by which Congress responds to certain acts that, in its view, obstruct its legislative function.[1] According to CRS, "contempt may be used either to coerce compliance, punish the contemnor, and/or to remove the obstruction. Although arguably any action that directly obstructs the effort of Congress to exercise its constitutional powers may constitute a contempt, in recent times the contempt power has most often been employed in response to non-compliance with a duly issued congressional subpoena--whether in the form of a refusal to appear before a committee for purposes of providing testimony, or a refusal to produce requested documents."

Why is Congress Considering Holding Attorney General Holder in Contempt?
The House is seeking to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for blocking its efforts to get the facts about Operation Fast and Furious--a flawed Justice Department sting operation that allowed 2,000 weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, and is linked to the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. On June 20, 2012, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform reported a contempt resolution for Attorney General Holder. Specifically, the resolution asks the Department of Justice (DOJ) to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt for his "failure to comply with a Congressional subpoena" in the Fast and Furious investigation. The House Committee on Oversight and Government reform approved the contempt citation this week by a vote of 23-17.

What about the President's healthcare bill?

The Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS for short, is expected to rule as early as this week on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. Be sure to Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (top right) for updates as soon as the decision has been announced.

What are you doing for jobs?

The House of Representatives has now passed nearly 30 jobs bills. (Track them here!) These measures would provide relief for businesses in a variety of ways, especially by empowering small business owners, fixing the tax code to help job creators, increasing competitiveness for U.S. manufacturers, encouraging entrepreneurship and growth, maximizing domestic energy production and paying down America's unsustainable debt burden.

But we won't stop now. We're looking forward to a summer schedule that is heavy on jobs.

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