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There Has Not Been Full Compliance

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CHAFFETZ. Mr. Speaker, despite what has been said here, it is the duty and obligation of this body to address a duly issued subpoena that has not been complied with. There has not been full compliance here. There has not been cooperation here. There has not been a willingness to share the information that is found within the Department of Justice.

We have a dead Border Patrol agent. We have more than 200 weapons that were used to kill people in Mexico. We have thousands of missing weapons. We have an Attorney General who said that this Fast and Furious program was fundamentally flawed. And yet here we stand today after doing more than just bending over backwards for more than a year, not having been given the documents that we need, as a body, to make a proper decision.

This should be bipartisan in our quest to right a wrong. It's not about Eric Holder, but it is about the Department of Justice and it is about justice in the United States of America. I am proud of the fact that we are bringing up this contempt.

It's sad that we got to this day. We have no other choice. But we, as a body, as an institution, as a separate branch of government, have a duty and an obligation, and we are fulfilling that here today.

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