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House Approves Bill to Create Jobs and Reduce Energy Costs


Location: Washington, DC

The House of Representatives today passed legislation to reduce energy costs and spur economic growth and job creation. Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21) supported the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act (H.R. 4480), which was approved by a vote of 248-163. The Act is a package of seven domestic energy production bills that were introduced this Congress.

Congressman Smith: "When President Obama took office, gas was $1.89 per gallon. Today, gas is almost twice as expensive with a national average of $3.47 per gallon. The President's policies have failed to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, failed to lessen the burden of energy costs on families, and failed to create jobs for American workers.

"House Republicans are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that increase domestic energy production and rein in unnecessary regulations that stall innovation. We have passed nine bills to expand drilling for oil and natural gas, and mining for coal. Unfortunately, President Obama and Senate Democrats continue to block much-needed domestic energy production that could help create jobs for hundreds of thousands of American workers

"The American people want policies that embrace domestic resources and get them back to work. Today's vote continues the Republican commitment to providing real solutions to ever-expanding energy costs and our sluggish economy. The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act helps job creators in the energy industry invest more in American-made energy and American jobs."

According to a recent survey by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, 72 percent of small businesses report they are affected by high energy prices. Of these businesses, 41 percent report that they have altered hiring plans and another 22 percent report reducing employee hours because of high energy costs.

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