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Chairman Price: Positive Solutions to Health Care Challenges Don't Require Putting Government in Charge

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"As a physician, I can tell you that the doctors and the patients of this land are very troubled because this law, just like yesterday -- hasn't changed today -- violates every single principle that we hold dear as a nation in health care. We will as House Republicans, push forward as diligently as we can to repeal the entire piece of legislation. Not just because of the tax, but because it removes five hundred billion dollars from Medicare. It puts in place a fifteen member board that can determine what kind of care is paid for for seniors. We have positive solutions to all of the challenges that we face in the area of health care that don't require putting Washington in charge. And that's why the American people, by 60 percent plus, continue to believe that this law ought not be held the law of the land.

"We will work together with our Conference and with the American people to make certain that this law is repealed and that we move forward in a logical, rational, deliberate way with patient-centered health care which means patients and families and doctors making medical decisions -- not government."

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