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Conservation and Economic Growth Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. HANABUSA. Mr. Chair, first I would like to begin by saying that we've had my amendment before the committee and the representations that were made with it were that it did not cover Hawaii. I'm here to basically reaffirm that on the floor of the House.

This all started because when I was home, I was the speaker at the 50th anniversary of the USS Arizona Memorial. As I sat there, I began to understand that, in fact, the National Park Service has jurisdiction over the Arizona and all of its facilities in Pearl Harbor. So it caused me to go back and check exactly how many lands are under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife, which would fall within this law.

There are 357,772 acres in the National Park Service and 298,980 acres under the Fish and Wildlife Service. As you all know, with 100 miles from any border, it would cover the whole State of Hawaii. But, Mr. Chair, I believe with the representation from the gentleman from Utah, I would be willing to withdraw my amendment if I'm again assured that this is not intended to cover Hawaii.


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