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Domestic Energy and Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CONAWAY. Mr. Chair, I rise today in strong support for the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act of 2012 because I personally know the importance of the oil and gas industry to the future of America.

I am fortunate to call West Texas home. Growing up in the Permian Basin has given me a better perspective on what it means to produce the raw resources that our Nation needs to power its industry. It is a perspective that has come from working on a drilling rig in Fort Stockton, Texas, drilling miles and miles below the surface of the Earth.

It's this pursuit of oil and gas miles below our feet that is reinvigorating pockets of the American economy from Texas to Pennsylvania to North Dakota. The work is hard, but the rewards can be great. Not just for the producers, but also for the roughnecks, the thousands of small and large firms that support the drilling activity, and the communities that host them.

Our Nation relies and prospers, Mr. Chairman, on affordable, abundant energy like oil and gas. This bill will ensure that not only do we have affordable energy, but that Americans are put back to work producing it.

The oil and gas industry on private lands is thriving in spite of this administration's attempt to slowly suffocate it. Today's legislation would reverse the glacial pace of permitting and the pointless regulations designed solely to slow down production on Federal lands.

Mr. Chairman, this bill will do the things that the President's stimulus act has failed to do. It will drive investment into American businesses and will put Americans back to work, just like the oil and gas industry has been doing in District 11 for over 80 years.


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