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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4480, Domestic Energy and Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HALL. Madam Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 4480, the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, a proactive piece of legislation that encourages and expands production of our vast domestic resources to help put Americans back to work.

I strongly believe that, other than prayer, energy is the most important word in the dictionary for our young people. It's the foundation upon which our Nation has prospered and key to our quality of life and standard of living.

America is blessed with a wealth of natural resources and energy reserves, leading Citigroup to predict that we could soon become the world's largest oil producer. The recent shale gas revolution has driven production to new heights and prices to new lows. It has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and stimulated a resurgence of domestic manufacturing in this country. In 2010, unconventional natural gas production alone supported approximately 1 million American jobs.

Simultaneously, shale oil production has led to rapid and dramatic economic growth and job creation in places not typically known for energy production, such as North Dakota. Workers are flocking to the State to pursue the abundant opportunities in the Bakken shale. While the Nation suffers unemployment rates in excess of 8 percent, unemployment in North Dakota is the lowest in this country at just 3 percent.

The only thing preventing us from reaping the benefits of being a world leader in energy production is bureaucratic red tape. Permitting delays, declining production on Federal land, restricted access, and stifling regulations all stand in the way. H.R. 4480 would free us from these barriers put forth by the administration and, instead, set us on the right track to unleash the full energy potential of this Nation.

This bill addresses numerous issues the Science, Space, and Technology Committee has examined, including, for example, costly Tier 3 regulations that would increase the price of fuel at a time when families can least afford to pay more for their commute. Not only would this standard place a burden on household budgets, but the EPA ignored the law by failing to complete a study on the detrimental effects of RFS prior to beginning work on these standards. Quite simply, again the EPA failed to do its homework, instead barreling forward with regulations without a sufficient foundation.

Regulations like this one are far too often based on shaky science, devoid of adequate peer review, and rely on secret data EPA refuses to share with the public. The EPA ignores the scientific method in order to overstate the economic benefits of its rules in an attempt to justify their sizeable costs.

H.R. 4480 takes a timeout from EPA's activist regulatory agenda and seeks to put our country on track to pursue a genuine all-of-the-above energy strategy that would expand opportunities for production rather than stifle them.

I urge Members to support this rule as well as the underlying bill.


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