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Real Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Madam Speaker, more than 2 years ago, the President signed into law one of the most egregious attacks upon our freedom that this Nation has ever seen. Two years later, almost 60 percent of the American people still want to see ObamaCare repealed before the price of their health care goes up even more than it already has. Believe me, if we let this law take effect as planned, costs will skyrocket, and millions of Americans will lose their insurance altogether.

On top of restrictive mandates, higher taxes, Medicare cuts, and more government overreach, ObamaCare is flat out unconstitutional. We simply cannot force the American people to buy health insurance if they don't want it. I'm hopeful that tomorrow the Supreme Court will do its job and apply the Constitution as our Founding Fathers intended.

I look forward to repealing ObamaCare and getting started on real health care reform, as soon as the court reaches a decision.

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